Microsoft Artifacts

To celebrate Microsoft's 45th anniversary, we've collected a full list of our artifacts that are connected to the tech giant.
At Living Computers: Museum + Labs, we have a wide variety of artifacts and working vintage computers. A big selection of what's in our collection has roots with Microsoft, in one form or another.

This page highlights a number of those artifacts and why they are so important in the company's wider tale.
Outside of our four featured systems, the full list of artifacts we have in the musuem with Microsoft ties can be found below. A long list, indeed!
Machines that run Microsoft BASIC that are on display:
  • GUI exhibit
  • Apple Macintosh 128K
  • Amiga 2000
  • Microcomputer exhibit
  • Altair 8800
  • Cromemco Z2D
  • Commodore PET
  • Radio Shack TRS-80
  • IBM PCjr
  • Commodore 64
  • Texas Instruments TI-99/4a
  • Atari 400
  • Kaypro
  • Apple ][
  • IBM PC and PC compatibles exhibit
  • IBM PC
  • Tandy 1000
  • Compaq Portable
  • Columbia Data Products PC
  • IBM PC clone in visible storage
  • Apple Exhibit
  • Apple /// (known as Business BASIC)
  • Apple ][e
  • 1980’s Rewind Exhibit
  • 7 Apple ][e computers in the classroom
  • 2 TRS-80’s in the basement den
Machines that run MS DOS and MS Windows:
  • IBM PC
  • IBM PCjr
  • Compaq Portable
  • Columbia Data Products PC
  • Tandy 1000
  • Dell PC (runs Windows 98)  (a second machine is also in the Digital Studio featuring MS Paint)
  • Gateway 2000 (runs Windows 95)
  • IBM PC AT (runs Windows 1.0)
  • IBM PC clone in visible storage
Miscellaneous arifacts:
  • Microsoft DOS, Language Products, Windows and At Home series software boxes/media
  • Microsoft mice
  • Zune player
  • Xbox