Living Computers is proud to offer hands-on learning experiences in computer science to K-12 students through our popular Field Trip program. Every field trip package comes with all-inclusive exhibit access and a facilitated activity of your choice, making for a one-of-a-kind museum visit for classrooms.

Field Trips

A field trip to Living Computers is a fantastic way to expose K-12 students to the fascinating and rapidly changing world of computer science and computing history.  Whether it’s a private tour of our collection or a hands-on activity in the Labs, Field Trips at Living Computers resonate with both our youth and our teachers. 

Each field trip lesson is entirely prototyped, developed, and created in-house – a collaborative effort between our expert educators, engineers, and curators to share the skills and stories behind many of our one-of-a-kind artifacts.  As a result, teachers get a highly-facilitated field trip experience that supports six sets of Washington’s learning standards: But don’t take our word for it.  Check out our testimonials page to hear why real teachers and students love coming to Living Computers year after year.

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Packages and Pricing

LCM+L offers flat-fee pricing for school and youth groups of 12 or more students aged 4 years and older. (For homeschool students and scout groups, please see our Community Programs page). See below for details on our field trip packages and the activities we offer.  

We are now taking reservations for July and August youth groups! Please note - summer activities will be restricted to BASIC Packages only at $300 flat fee per package. 

BASIC Package$250 Flat Fee

Our most popular package.  Suitable for up to 32 students and their chaperones, this package is a great option for groups that have 2-3 hours and want a hands-on activity.
  • Admission for one (1) classroom of ~32 students and chaperones*
  • Access to All Exhibits & Galleries
  • One (1) 60-minute hands-on lesson in the Labs (see below for activity options)
  • Reserved space for brown-bag lunch on-site

BASIC Package Activities:

Ozobot Smart City

PreK - Grade 1  |  Max ~24 students
Beep beep! Move over—driverless cars are coming to our streets! Help us build a Smart City made just for them, complete with buildings, highways, and all the rules we’ll need to keep both robots and humans safe on the roads. This is going to be a big project, so all hands on deck!

Binary Bracelets

Grades 1-3  |  Max ~32 students
11100011… Write your name in binary, decode a secret message, and learn how computers encode data in digits in this crafty, hands-on Lab on sequencing and number systems.

Ozobot Goes to the Museum!

Grades 2-4  |  Max ~32 students
Ozobots are visiting Living Computers! Which exhibit should they see first? In this screen-free activity, students get hands-on with our littlest line-following robots—creating a map of the museum that will help guide Ozobot and its friends on its own strategic adventure through the collection.

Cardboard Computers

Grades 3-5  |  Max ~32 students
Add some RAM, plug in that processor, and boot up that machine! Learn all about the parts of a computer in this 60-minute Lab with a fun, take-home component. All students leave with a custom cardboard computer of their very own—just don’t forget the hard drive!

Paper Circuits

Grades 3-5  |  Max ~32 students
Series or parallel?  In this Lab, students will use a variety of household conductors and insulators to plan, test, and build their own light-up paper creation.  Perfect for classes just entering their electricity unit, this crafty little activity will have you building circuits in no time.

Rock, Paper, Sensors!

Grades 4+  |  Max ~32 students
Create a rock-paper-scissors game with your friends in this 60-minute lab activity all about inputs/outputs, microcontrollers, and programming. Using a block-based coding interface, students will learn how to construct, test, and debug their scripts to take this classic hand game to the next level.

Analog vs. Digital

Grades 6+  |  Max ~32 students
Introduce your class to breadboarding basics in this quirky, hands-on investigation into analog and digital signals.  Working alongside a facilitator, students will build and test their own simple circuits in a series of fun, interactive challenges.  This Lab is a great compliment to energy and matter units, or students in LEGO robotics. 

Binary Breakout!

Grades 6+  |  Max ~32 students
It’s a race against the clock! Our Apple I computer is missing - can your team crack the code to find it before time runs out? Based on the popular escape room theme, this 60-minute Lab will have students racing to decode binary numbers while solving a series of short, complex puzzles. 

Digital DJs    NEW!

Grades 9+  |  Max ~32 students
Get ready to drop some beats! In this 60-minute Lab, students will learn how to splice and mix their own digital audio tracks using the text-based programming language, Python. Perfect for classes with basic or advanced program-ming experience.

EXTENDED Package$400 Flat Fee

Suitable for up to 32 students and their chaperones, our EXTENDED package allows groups with 3-4 hours to visit options for more in-depth 90-minute Labs.
  • Admission for one (1) classroom of ~32 students and chaperones*
  • Access to All Exhibits & Galleries
  • One (1) 90-minute hands-on lesson in the Labs (see below for activity options)
  • Reserved space for brown-bag lunch on-site

EXTENDED Package Options

Scratch Retro-Gaming: Pac-Man

Grades 5+  |  Max ~32 students
In this 90 minute Lab, student teams use MIT's popular free programming platform, Scratch, to write and debug scripts, learn basic coding rules and jargon, and use simple game theory as they work to recreate one of the most famous arcade games of all time: Pac-Man.

Analog vs. Digital - Extended

Grades 6+  |  Max ~32 students
Yes or No? In this extension to our popular breadboarding intro, students will cover not only simple inputs and outputs, but more complicated breadboarding circuits such as AND/OR logic gates.

Can't Touch This

Grades 4+  |  Max ~24 students
Self-driving cars are right around the corner - but can they follow the rules of the road?  In this 90-minute coding Lab, student teams will use LEGO Mindstorms to explore the ways engineers are developing object avoidance in today's vehicles.

Pi Art Squared!     NEW!

Grades 6+  |  Max ~32 students
Create your own light-up art displays on a pocket-sized computer! In this 90-minute Lab, students will use a Raspberry Pi to program an 8 x 8 color pixel board to make anything from emojis to a disco ball light show! Perfect for beginners and experienced programmers alike.

TOUR Package$150 Flat Fee

A great option for high school computer science classes, our TOUR package gets groups of up to 20 students a private, interactive tour of our world-class vintage collection. 
  • Admission for one (1) group of ~20 students and chaperones*
  • Access to All Exhibits & Galleries
  • One (1) thirty-minute guided tour through the Vintage Collection
  • Reserved space for brown-bag lunch on-site

TOUR Package Themes:

Mainframes, Minis, and Micros

Grades 6+  |  Max ~20 students
Get a comprehensive look through our one-of-a-kind collection of fully-operational vintage computers. From mainframes to supercomputers, minis to micros—experience the history of computing in all its whirring, beeping glory right at your fingertips.

This tour is a great fit for Intro to Computer Science or AP Computer Science students.

Epic Fail

Grades 6+  |  Max ~20 students
In the fast-paced, competitive world of tech startups, failure is always an option.  In this guided tour, students explore how success - and failure - have played critical roles in the evolution of technology.  

This tour is great for students interested in technology, design, business or innovation.

Type, Swipe, Click!

Grades 6+  |  Max ~20 students
How do you talk to a machine?  From touchscreens to keyboards to punchcards, this exciting tour takes students on a journey through how our relationship with computers has changed.

This tour is great for students interested in digital design, operating systems, and human interactions.


Policies, Discounts, and Admission-Only Groups

Chaperone Policy

*LCM+L requires an adult-to-child ratio of 1:5 for children under 10 years, and 1:8 for children ages 11-17 years. All chaperones must be 18 years or older. Each Field Trip Package includes admission for only the minimum number of Chaperones required to make ratio.

Concerned about the cost?

Accessibility is core to our educational mission at Living Computers. We provide numerous and significant discounts for a variety of eligible groups. Do not wait—contact us at


For those groups with limited time or varying ages, we also have an ADMISSION ONLY rate that grants students access to our exhibits for $8 per student. ADMISSION ONLY rates do not include a facilitated activity or tour, but do guarantee you a space for brown-bag lunch.  You must have at least 12 students in order to qualify for this discount.

For even more answers to your Field Trips questions, please see our exhaustive FAQ page