System Status

For technical reasons, we have had to change the way in which users of the
DEC-10 (2065 running Tops-10) connect to the system.  It can no longer be
reached by TELNETing to

Instead, please use SSH to connect to

which will take you to the usual Tops-10 login prompt.

28 February 2017: CP-V (Sigma 9) accounts

Updating the message from last month:  We have learned that the system was
built on a so-called private disk pack, which is limited to a maximum of
96 distinct accounts.  We are working on building a public pack system,
which does not have this limitation.  We appreciate your continued patience.

27 January 2017: CP-V (Sigma) logins failing

Several people who just received new accounts on the Sigma 9 have reported that
they are unable to log in with their new credentials.  We are investiagting the
issue and expect to have an answer shortly.  Thank you for your patience.

Older items:

24 March 2017: BSD4.3 (VAX-11/730)

The system is down for the weekend.  Expect normal operations to resume on
Monday.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

28 February 2017: Tops-10 (DEC 2065)

Yesterday evening the main power supply experienced an age-related issue.
Getting at the non-functioning device and orderng a replacement will take
several days.  Watch here for further news.

13 February 2017: VMS (VAX 785) logins

In order to prevent VMS lockouts, Telnet and SSH logins have been turned off.
To log in to the VAX, ssh to to connect
automaticlaly via an internal network at the museum.

4 May 2016:  CP-V (Sigma) down

Our apologies for the late notice.

Memory has been flaky for some time, and we have been running with half of the
memory turned off.  Recently, some new jobs failed because of insufficient
memory, so we are working to fix it.  The system will be down sporadically for
extended (overnight) periods for the next two weeks.

25 January 2016:  CP-V (Sigma 9) running again

The apparent memory fault was more complex than we expected.  The actual source
of the failure was a blown component on a circuit card used (in the original
configuration) to connect a Sigma 6 to the same memory as the Sigma 9.  This
component was holding a signal down so that nothing else could access the

Thank you all for your patience while we diagnosed this problem.

15 December 2015:  CP-V (Sigma 9) down

The Sigma 9 hung today with what appears to be a memory fault, although there
is also a possibility that it is a CPU failure.  We are working to converge on
the cause and to get the system running again as quickly as possible.  We ask
for your patience.

1 October 2015:  Tops-10 (2065) system up

On 20 August 2015, the serial line card in the front end processor of the 2065
died.  We eventually found a replacement card, but in the mean time the memory
interface in the CPU developed a problem.  We have now replaced the failing
card in the CPU, and the system is back up for timesharing.

30 July 2015:  Accounts on Sigma 9 and PDP-11/70 now open
23 July 2015:  Sigma 9 CP-V, PDP-11/70 Unix v7

Requests for accounts are currently being accepted.  There may be some delay
in setting them up.  We ask for your patience as these new systems move to
operational status.

25 June 2015:  2065 Tops-10 7.04

All user accounts have been moved onto a larger disk (RP07 instead of RP06),
directories on the old MDE drives MONE:, MTWO:, MTRE:, and MFOR: have been
moved to DSKM: (RP07), and directories on the old RP06 MDE disks DSKK:, DSKL:,
DSKM:, and DSKO: have been moved onto DSKO: (RP07).