Special Exhibitions
A temporary exhibit space with rotating content like explorations of computing in Barbie playsets to deep dives into the evolution of microchips. 
Tiny, Hidden, Everywhere: The Microchip

Behind every microchip are teams of men and women who designed and fabricated the device. Discover the history of the microchip industry, from its foundations in California and Texas to its global production.

Open September 13, 2017 - December 31, 2017.

Barbie Gets with the Program

While it may seem radical to imagine Barbie computing in the ’70s, the computer science field was actually far more gender balanced four decades ago than it is today. Experience the history of gender and computing through the lens of computer playsets from the 1970’s to today. Each is paired with the operable machines that inspired them.

Previously open from April 1, 2017 through September 3, 2017.

//50 years of computers and learning//

Experience the efforts to revolutionize education with computers. Explore the groundbreaking PLATO terminal, appreciate the work of Seymour Papert, or just revisit The Oregon Trail.

Previously open from November 18, 2016 through March 26, 2017.